3 Cool DIY Fruity Ideas For Candles



Everybody loves a sweet fruity scent and what better way to incorporate such magnificent fragrance than through scented candles? Here are 3 really cool ideas on how you can incorporate the sweet fragrance of fruits to your candles:

1. Orange Peel Candle
Remove / eat the middle portion of the orange being careful to leave the middle stem-like portion intact. You can remove it easily by using a sharp knife and digging out the middle starting with the edge closest to the outside of the orange. Fill the cavity with any type of oil such as Vegetable or olive oil to just below the center stem-like wick. Light the wick and enjoy the smell!


2. Apple Spice Candles
Start by placing the wicks in the jars. You can use the metal wick holders or just tape the wicks to the bottom of the jars. If you use tape just make sure it’s secure. Hot glue will work as well but might re-melt when the hot wax is poured in.


Take the tops of the wicks (cut them long) and wrap them around an old pencil and place in the centers of the jars. Melt the beeswax, coconut oil, and apple spice together in a double boiler. You don’t need the wax and oil to boil, just melt. This should only take a few minutes (you may need to stir the wax with some kind of stick or long spoon; chopsticks work well too!) to fully melt the wax and combine it with the coconut oil.


This recipe will make enough wax to fill a pint jar and you will need about 1 tablespoon of spices per pint made, depending on the scents you use and how strong you want it to be.

fruit candles table setting

Start by pouring a small amount of wax into the very bottom of the jar and letting it set up (this will help hold the wick at the bottom), then pour the rest of the wax in the jar until it’s full enough. Pour in small layers and let is harden slightly if you have issues with the spices all falling to the bottom. Let the candles sit undisturbed until the wax re-hardens. Then you are ready to burn your candles!


3. Fruit Floating Candles in a Jar
Gather up some of your favorite scents: mint, lemon, lime, rosemary. Add some water & citronella bug off oil to mason jars. Then add some floating candles. Super easy!




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