Christmas Candles DIY Ideas



With the Holidays just around the corner, everybody’s clamouring for last minute decor shopping and gift-hunting. Luckily, for the creative few, here are DIY Christmas Candle ideas that are perfect for this holiday season:


1. Leafy Candle Votives
To breathe out the Christmas theme into your glass votives, spray some adhesive on to the glass surface and stick pine leaves or any other dried or fresh leaves. Make sure to cover all the way around the bottom for a beautiful finish. Lastly, spray some sealant to the leaves and cut off the extra leaves for a more polished look. Make 2-3 glass votives and this should complete your dining table center piece for Christmas

diy scandinavian mason jar candle for christmas - christmas decoration lights-f66991

2. Shimmery candle holder
Looking for some extra shimmer this Christmas? How about using shimmer on small mason jars to add the extra “bling” on your candles? You can use spray adhesive or brush a coat of liquid or gel glue onto the glass jar. Sprinkle some colourful glitter all the way around and wait for it to dry before completely coating with spray sealant. Another alternative is using double sided tape to create rows of differently-colored glitter, to add the extra dimension in your glass candles.


3. Cinnamon Stick Candles
Use large, plain white vanilla candles for this project. Cut some cinnamon sticks, a little longer than the height of your candle. Pile the cinnamon sticks upright, all the way around the candle and tie with a beige yarn or burlap ribbon. Not only will it look really rustic, it will also leave a nice scent in your room—perfectly matching the Christmas theme.


4. Christmas Ornaments candles
You will need Christmas balls and thin candle sticks for this project. Star by dropping small melted wax to the upper surface of the ball and stick the candle to it. Do this step for the next few balls too. You can secure the candle to the ball by adding hot glue on the gaps between the candle and the ball too. So that the candle stays upright, gather the balls in a group and stick them (hot glue or super glue) to an old tray. You can add ribbons to the candles or plastic leaves on the tray, for a more festive appeal.


5. Lacey candles
To add a warm look to plain candles, you can use some old lace as stencil for added pattern. You can either spray paint through the lace or just leave the lace wrapped around the candle. Imagine about 3-4 of these candles grouped together and they will surely add a whimsical feel to your Christmas.