5 Candle Gift Ideas Anyone Would Love



Candles can be the perfect gift to give away, especially during the Holidays. However, store-bought specialty candles may not be the most ideal gifts because they tend to be expensive. With some creativity and dedication, you can make a candle gift set yourself! So, here are 5 Candle gift Ideas that anyone would love to receive this holiday season:


  1. DIY Floral Candles

Gather some colourful flower petals. Dip a few of the petals to the melted wax and stick the petals to the surface of the glass. Let it cool for a bit and add the rest of the wax. As you reach the top, place a few more petals before pouring the final thin coat of wax to finish. This will give you beautifully colored candles which would look good in a set.


  1. DIY Ice Crystal Candle Holder

Pour Epsom salt into a small bowl and add a few drops of food coloring into the bowl. Mix them all together and lay the salt on a clean piece of paper. Spray a good coat of spray adhesive to a mason jar. Roll the jar in the salt spread and make sure to cover as much of the surface as you can. Spray a coat of sealer once you’re done and let it dry thoroughly.


  1. DIY Crystal Candle Holders

Using tacky glue, stick marbles or big crystals around the edges of an old CD. Pile the marbles or crystals upward, still going all the way around the CD, until you reach the desired height. Remember to leave a space at the center of the CD  for the candle. Now, be amazed at your candle’s extra sheen!


  1. DIY Colorful votives

Use small cut outs of your favourite shapes on colourful Japanese paper. Gently stick these colourful cut outs all the way around the glass surface of the candle votive using mod podge (or a glue-and-water solution). Layer another thin coat of mod podge to seal all the cut outs and let it dry for a few hours before placing the candle.


  1. DIY Sea Shell Candles

Clean out the sea shells you collected and add melted paraffin wax, about halfway in depth. Add the wick and let it dry. Trim off the excess wick and make 3-5 more sea shell candles to make a gift set.