5 Curious Candle Containers



Originally, candles were commonly used for illumination and, although we now have electricity, we still keep candles in the house but mainly as decorative features and for mood lighting. Now, with a dash of creativity and imagination, you can make your own candles and their unique but cute candle holders:

1. Mason Jar Candles
Floating candles have a lovely rustic look and they would look great on a table. Simply fill 1/3 of the jar with crystals or marble, add some water on the next 2/3 and drop a floating candle to set the mood. You can also tie around burlap ribbons on the lip of the jar for an extra shabby feel.


2. Concrete Candle Holders
Try making some concrete candle holders. It’s much easier than you may think. Make this using cement powder, paper cups, coins, petroleum jelly, sticker tape and disposable containers. Take your larger disposable container and cut the sticker tape to fit around the circumference of the container. You can use petroleum jelly or cooking spray to lubricate the inside of the container. Peel the sticker off, and wrap it around the inside of your container (closer to the bottom of your container).


Mix cement and water well with your wooden stick until it’s a smooth paste. The quantity you’ll need depends on the size of the container you want to make your votive out of. Pour / scoop cement into your larger container, until it covers your sticker. Then take your smaller container, and put a couple of coins inside. Push the smaller container into the cement, until the top of it is flush with the top of the cement. Try to keep it centered. Put more coins into the smaller container to weigh it down, until it can stay in place without you holding it. Walk away and leave it to dry for 24 hours.


3. Concrete Candle Tray
This candle holder can hold 4 candles. It’s basically a block of cement with holes in it large enough to fit candles inside. To make it you need a baking pan, concrete mix and candles. Pour the concrete into the mold and then add the candles, wait for the concrete to solidify, burn out the candles and remove the wax. And now, you have your own concrete candle tray!


4. Wood Votives
This candle holder also has a compact design. It’s a big slice of wood with three large holes in it. In each hole there’s room for a candle votive. Because the candles stay inside the votives, there’s no danger of setting fire to the whole house.


5. Candle Holders from Pipes
A nice accent piece can be a candle holder made of copper pipes. Try combining the pieces in such a way to create a sturdy design with a good base and an interesting shape. Experiment with the shape and once you’re happy with the outcome, insert candle sticks to the pipes and light them up!